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Concrete Core Drilling

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Pro Scan Subsurface Imaging specializes in subsurface imaging and scanning services. One of our core services is concrete core drilling, a technique used to create precise holes in concrete structures. This technique involves using a drill with a diamond-tipped bit to penetrate the concrete and extract a  cylindrical sample, also known as a core.

Concrete core drilling is an essential service for many construction projects, and it offers several benefits. It allows for precise and accurate drilling, ensuring that the holes are in the correct location and have the desired diameter. This level of precision is critical for projects that require specific measurements or where accuracy is paramount.

Another benefit of concrete core drilling is that it is a relatively non-invasive technique. The process does not damage the surrounding concrete, which means that it is an ideal method for creating holes in sensitive areas, such as walls, floors, or ceilings. This non-invasive technique also means that there is less debris and dust produced during the drilling process, which can help maintain a clean and safe worksite.

Other benefits of concrete core drilling include:

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Not only do we have the right people for the job. But, we have the most latest and advance machinery in the concrete cutting world. Weather your core drilling for electric and plumbing or need an entire slab removed, Pro Scan will get it done right.

Why you need to choose Proscan Subsurface Imaging

Pro Scan Subsurface Imaging’s team of experienced professionals can provide high-quality and efficient concrete core drilling services for any construction project. By leveraging the benefits of this technique, Pro Scan can help you achieve your construction goals safely, accurately, and efficiently.