Ground Penetrating RadarIn the construction industry, concrete imaging is an important process, especially if the objective is to finish projects on time, within budget and with minimal safety risks. Ground penetrating radar services in Orlando form a major part of any local concrete imaging projects. The process of ground penetrating radar is to uncover any potential challenges that a building project might face. For instance, should construction or drilling or similar happen and the building team encounters a change in the material density, power lines or similar, serious injury can occur. Not to mention that expensive repairs will be required too.

Our ground penetrating radar services in Orlando are carried out by a professional team, supervised by an expert technician. We make use of only the most cutting edge technology and state of the art equipment to ensure accuracy and precision in terms of readings and translations. Before construction takes place, we can set up our equipment and send radiation into the subsurface. We can then read the reflecting signals from our electromagnetic radiation waves. Our reader is able to determine what sort of utility or other embedment’s lie in the way of construction or stand to cause issues going forward. Thus far, our concrete imaging services have been able to detect the likes of post tension cables, conduit, rebar, cracks, changes in the properties of the material, voids and various utilities including power lines, water lines, gas lines, sewer lines and communication lines.

With professional ground penetrating radar services from Pro-Scan Subsurface Imaging in Orlando, Florida, you can determine the accurate location of these embedment’s and can make provisions to work around them or avoid construction all together. Just how viable the project is will be determined by your available equipment and ability to deal with the challenges that the subsurface presents.

Benefit from Professional Ground Penetrating Radar Services at Pro-Scan Subsurface Imaging in Orlando 

At Pro-Scan Subsurface Imaging we have over 7 years of experience in the industry. We offer our ground penetrating radar services in Orlando and the rest of the Florida area. Our objective is to ensure that our clients can complete projects swiftly without compromising on completion dates, budget and of course the safety of their crew. If you would like to learn more about our concrete imaging in Florida, simply contact us via email or telephone at Pro-Scan Subsurface Imaging today.